GENERAL INFORMATION Trail length: 14.5km round trip Season: Spring to Fall EMERGENCY INFORMATION Emergency: 911 Phone location: The nearest phone is at the Wind River Bed and Breakfast which is beside the Musquodoboit Trailway at 0.75km at the end of Bayers Mill Road. Cell phone: Coverage has been checked for most of the trail. Towers are present on Jerusalam Hill and coverage is excellent wherever these can be seen. Coverage is spotty on the eastern slopes of the ridge lands along the Admiral Lake Loop Trail. DIRECTIONS From Dartmouth, take highway 107, then highway 7 to Musquodoboit Harbour. From the Harbour take highway 357 north to Park Road, then trun right to the trailhead parking lot opposite the arena. Take the Musquodoboit Trailway to the Admiral Lake Loop trailhead at 1.7km. ACTIVITIES Walking: Y Hiking: Y Mountain Biking: N XCountry Ski: N ATV: N Horse: N Snowmobile: N Coastal: N Loop: N Wheelchair: N Wheelchair Assisted: N DESCRIPTION The Admiral Lake Loop Trail originates at 1.7km along the Musquodoboit Trailway. The trail climbs into an open area of blueberry bushes and low saplings, reminders of the 1973 forest fires that swept through this area. On your left, a 600m (return) side trail leads to a local landmark, Skull Rock. The main Admiral Lake Loop continues to the right, leaving the burn area behind to climb steeply through mossy woods to another popular lookoff, Rolling Stone (named for the boulder perched precariously on its top). From there and the nearby Harbour lookoff, hikers are afforded spectacular views of the forests, harbour and coastal waters as far south as Lawrencetown. Descending from the Harbour lookoff, the loop trail passes through a tallus cave where a large rock has fallen from a cliff leaving a natrual archway. Returning to the burn area, the path climbs gradually towards the Admiral Lake Lookoff. From here you can enjoy an 180 panorama over the White Lake Wilderness Area, and island-studded Admiral Lake. Below this high point, the trail returns to the mature woods, skirting Eunice Lake alongside a cliff, before winding its way to a lookoff, Jessie's Diner, which overlooks Bayer Lake and the Musquodoboit River. Next, you return to the main trailway below Jessie's Diner at 7.3km.