Name:            Dover Day Use Park/Black Duck Cove 
     County:          Guysborough County
     Ownership:       NS Department of Natural Resources
     Trail Length:    3.5km
     Season:          Year Round


     Emergency:       911


From highway 16 to Canso, take the Little Dover exit. Continue for 7km to
the park entrance. The park here contains a stacked loop trail system 
consisting of a 3.5km perimeter loop.


     Walking:             Y        Hiking:         Y
     Mountain Biking:     N        XCountry Ski:   N
     ATV:                 N        Horse:          N
     Snowmobile:          N        Coastal:        Y
     Loop:                Y        Wheelchair:     N
     Wheelchair Assisted: N  


ATTENTION:  This trail has been storm-damaged!  Use at your own risk...with caution.

The trail has a 5ft. Wide gravel tread but unfortunately the large sections of elevated
boardwalk have been destroyed by a storm. The park also includes two large parking areas;
one for off season use and one large area for summer access.

Here you will also find a gift shop, canteen, washrooms, change rooms, a pay phone
and a picnic area. From the canteen, the trail leads you to a beautiful, sheltered
beach at Black Duck Cove; perfect for a swim.  There are a number of picnic shelters
here as well as rest benches.

Continuing past the beach area will take you through a forest of predominantly White
Spruce; a tree species that will stand up to the salt air found here. The trees are 
hanging with "Old Man's Beard", you will understand the reason for this name once you
see it.  The area here is popular with squirrels, chickadees and other small birds. 
Feeders are scattered along the trail.  Soon you will emerge back onto the coastline
to an area referred to as "flat rocks".  

The shoreline here consists of granite cobble and slabs that have broken and eroded 
from the underlying bedrock.  Picturesque views are offered as you walk alongside 
barrier beach ponds complete with cat tails. Benches and picnic tables are scattered
throughout. From this point the trail continues around the point and heads back towards
the parking area.  There are a two trails that enable you to cut back across Bluff Point
to the swimming beach, again travelling through a softwood forest.

Continuing around the perimeter will take you past Keef Point and views of Burnt and 
Sheep Islands (to name a few) to the east. Continue on to return to the parking
area.  Be sure to sign the registry located at the main parking area beside the canteen.