Name:            Queensport Road
     County:          Guysborough County
     Ownership:       Department of Transportation
     Trail Length:    18.00 km
     Season:          Year Round


     Emergency:       911
     Special:         There is a pay phone at a canteen nearby.


Route 16 from Guysborough, trail is on the right 2.5 km past the Queensport 
sign.  Just before St. Vincent DePaul's Church and across from the cemetrey.  
Directions to other starting point in Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia, 7th edition. 


     Walking:             Y        Hiking:         Y
     Mountaing Biking:    N        XCountry Ski:   Y
     ATV:                 N        Horse:          N
     Snowmobile:          N        Coastal:        N
     Loop:                N        Wheelchair:     N
     Wheelchair Assisted: N  


An 18 km old gravel road, this trail traverses the Fantastic Bonnet Lake Barens 
Wilderness Area. Starting on the Queensport side, a couple hundred metres in 
you will come to an old concrete dam sporting a large hole where it was blown 
out to drain.  

The forest along the first part of the trail consists of evergreen, spruce and 
fir with a few hardwoods interspersed. There is also an abundance of plants.  
Towards the end you will find remnants of a concrete foundation from a
WWII radar station. The trail soon leads into the Barrens with a view of Bonnet 
Lake  and several other lakes. This section of the trail is lined with lure and 
alder bushes.

This trail offers somewhat of a view and offers opportunities for rock hounding 
and photo ops. during the fall. There is parking available at both ends of the trail.  
There are no facilities along the 5-6 hour hike and no drinking water.  

In nearby Queensport and Cole Harbour there are hotels and bed and breakfasts.  
The Guysborough County Trails Association ask that you obtain their permission 
before taking motorized vehicles on this trail.

Please review NSELís Keep it Wild brochure for guidance on wilderness area standards
and safe recreation. For more information on the provinceís Protected Areas Program 
call 902-424-2117 or visit:

Please note that you are on your own when using these trails,and should plan ahead 
for safe travel. Carry a trail map!