GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Cobequid Escarpment Trail County: Colchester Ownership: mix of Economy River Wilderness Area (Nova Scotia Environment and Labour), provincial Crown land (Department of Natural Resources), plus private land at trail head. Trail Length: 5 kilometer (3 mile) loop from trail head, including use of Economy Falls Trail and portion of Devils Bend Trail. Season: Year-round; may be impassable during winter conditions EMERGENCY INFORMATION Emergency: 911 Nearest Phone: Cell phone coverage on the trail is poor. Economy Country Store, Central Economy, has a pay phone. DIRECTIONS From Truro, drive west along Highway #104 to Exit 11 at Glenholme. Turn onto Highway #2 and follow for 34 km to Lower Economy. Turn right onto River Philip Road (dirt) and travel about 6.5 km to a trail head parking area, on the right ACTIVITIES Walking: N Hiking: Y Mountain Biking: N XCountry Ski: N ATV: N Horse: N Snowmobile: N Coastal: N Loop: N Wheelchair: N Wheelchair Assisted: N DESCRIPTION Trail System Description The Cobequid Escarpment Trail is a loop, formed by extending the Economy Falls Trail. to the eastern side of Economy River, and crossing back to Devils Bend Trail. on the western side, via a river ford. This moderately-challenging hike on wilderness standard trail offers an exciting range of trail conditions and features over a relatively short trail span. Economy River is the focal point, and includes a river ford which should not be attempted at high water levels. To begin, hike the Economy Falls trail to the bridge spanning Economy River gorge, just upstream of the falls. From here, the trail climbs steeply up a series of intricately designed stone steps, offering views of the river gorge and its hardwood and conifer forest. Watch for a trail junction once the slope levels off, and stay right. The route left (north) is part of the 18 kilometre Kenomee Canyon trail [link]. A panoramic look-off, near this junction, offers a commanding view down the forested, lower Economy River Valley, towards Minas Basin of the Bay of Fundy. The trail now descends fairly gradually to the eastern shore of Economy River, crossing a major stream valley. Once at the river, check conditions to ensure crossing is safe. You may wish to remove your shoes. Use a pole or walking stick for balance. Upon reaching the western shore of Economy River, the trail joins the northern-most kilometer of Devils Bend trail. Follow this north (upstream) to return to the Economy Falls Trail and the trail head. About half of this hiking trail is within Economy River Wilderness Area. You are encouraged to review NSELís Keep it Wild brochure for guidance on wilderness area standards and safe recreation. For more information on the provinceís Protected Areas Program call 902-424-2117 or visit: